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User's Guide: A Practical Resource To The Mineral Kingdom

This is our publication, an 8 1/2 X 5 1/2" booklet, which lists over 200 crystals and stones with basic information (hardness, habitat, description, etc.) as well as brief descriptions of healing properties, miscellaneous information (how to work with crystals, chakras, additional quartz information, birthstones, etc.) and bibliography. Cost is $6.00. A great little reference guide!

Crystals, Gemstones,
Specimens and Polished Stones

We have over 200 different varieties available , all hand-selected! Our favorites are the crystals or natural formations. We also offer unusual mineral specimens and polished shapes of those materials unavailable as crystals. Prices begin at under $1, for tumble-polished stones.

Available Crystals and Stones

Following is a partial list of available crystals and stones from LightStones as of November 1998. Those items with an asterisk are available as natural unpolished crystals or formations (nodules, nuggets, clusters, etc.); in many cases also as polished and/or as rough materials. Because of our extensive variety, we cannot list every item and/or price. Please contact us with your specific requests, and we'll get back to you with what we have. All of our stones are hand-picked, and we guarantee you'll be satisfied!


 Chalcedony Rose*



 Actinolite in Quartz*


 Holley Blue Agate






 Agate, Banded

 Chinese Writing Rock

 Iceland Spar*


 Agate, Blue Lace




 Agate, Botswana


 Included Quarz*

 Rose Quartz*

 Agate, Dryhead




 Agate, Fire


 Jasper, Brecciated


 Agate, Moss


 Jasper, Bruneau


 Agate, Snakeskin*


 Jasper, Imperial


 Agate, Turritella

 Clear Quartz Points*

 Jasper, Leopardskin

 Rutilited Quartz*


 Clear Quartz Clusters*

 Jasper, Picture



 Cobalto Calcite*

 Jasper, Poppy




 Jasper, Rainforest

 Scapolite, Purple*



 Jasper, Red

 Scapolite, Yellow*



 Jasper, Taboo






 Apatite, Yellow*




 Apatite, Neon Blue*






 Lake County "Diamond"*

 Smokey Quartz*

 Aqua Aura Quartz*






 Lapis Lazuli*

 Star Quartz










 Elestial Quartz*





 Luvulite (Sugilite)






 Azurite Crysocolla





 "Galaxy* Druzy*


 Tempest Stone










 Gem Silica

 Moldavite Tektite*

 Tourmaline* (All)





 Black Onyx








 Boji Stone*

 Halite, Blue*

 Opalized Onyx






 Calcite* (all colors)


 Peacock Ore*




 Pearl, Freshwater*








 Petrified Wood*



 Herkimer "Diamond"

 Phantom Quartz*


Wholesale Inquiries Most Welcome!

Please feel free to contact us at lightstones@att.net, info@lightstonescrystalpharmacy.com,
or call (530) 265-3159 for more information.