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Natural Crystal and Gemstone Pendants.


 These are our specialty! We collect very special unique crystals (uncut and unpolished when possible) from all over the world, which we lovingly set in sterling silver or 14K gold-filled wire. Each mounting is unique and is guaranteed. Pendants are sent to you on cards with information about each stone, extracted from our User's Guide. We happily combine several crystals for your personal amulet! (See Amulets) Pendant Prices start at $15 each. We offer a wide selection of sterling and 14K gold-filled or vermeil chains, at an additional cost. List available on request.  
 Aqua Aura



   "Maraiel's stone wrappings are exquisite. Her artistry added to her choices of very beautiful stones makes her work quite special and original. I treasure the pieces I've bought from her for myself and those I love."

Marjorie Bair, San Francisco CA.

Watermelon Tourmaline

For a complete selection of crystals available as pendants please see Crystals & Stones
Let us know what crystals you are interested in, and we will let you know prices and availability

Herkimer Diamond w/ Green Tourmaline & Aquamarine


These unique pieces can be made to your specifications, utilizing specific crystals, thus creating your own personal amulet. Prices vary depending upon materials.

Kunzite w/ Blue Apatite
& Green Tourmaline

For a complete selection of crystals available for Amulets please see Crystals & Stones
Let us know what crystals you are interested in, and we will let you know prices and availability

  Hearts of Stone

Lapis Lazuli

We have a large selection of heart shapes in varying sizes and materials, which can be simply mounted in sterling silver or gold filled wire or creatively sculpted with extra stones, either for additional energy or simply for beauty.

. Contact us for size and availability. Prices start at $15


Spiral Goddess/Mound Mother Pendant

In sterling silver, vermeil or 14K gold, our goddess pendant is available with a great choice of gemstones, or plain. Prices start at $30. Contact us for availability. Here is Her Story.
 With Open Center
PG-1 $30
 She is the giver, maintainer and taker of all life, representing the literal and symbolic gateway to life, death, rebirth and spiritual transformation. Universally, the circle represents wholeness and therefore (w)holiness. The spiral is the dynamic form of the circle symbolizing the regeneration of the Life-force coiling and uncoiling itself through time like a great serpent. Entering the spiraling passages of the earth mound into the womb of the Goddess brings us to the protected focal point, the sacred center, in which we find our own healing. Here we can release and heal our old ways of living, find new form, and journey out again, reborn to life.   5mm gemstone cabochon: Chrysoprase
PG-3 $45

You may choose this pendant, made in sterling silver or vermeil, in two forms: the open center represents the creative void from which all form comes; or, the qualities represented by the 5mm gemstone cabachon set at the center can indicate which aspect of the Goddess you would want to enhance in your own center. A large variety of sterling silver and gold-filled chains are available at additional cost. Contact us for list.

 PG-1 $30
With Open Center

 PG-2 $35
Available with Amber, Black Onyx, Citrine, Carnelian, Red Coral, Garnet, Moonstone, Malachite, Turquoise

 PG-3 $40
Available with Amethyst, Aquamarine, Chrysoprase, Heliodor, Labradorite, Lapis, Peridot, Rhodocrosite, Sunstone, Tourmaline (pink, blue, green)

 PG-4 $45
 Available with Iolite, Opal, Ruby, Sapphire

Other Stones priced individually, e.g. Emerald, Moldavite, Chrome Diopside etc.
NOTE: Most styles available in Vermeil, (24K gold wash over sterling) for an additional $10 per pendant. For earring pair, double price of pendant and add $3.00 per pair for earwires or posts. 14k gold as special order.

Whichever your choice, wearing this pendant will bring the powerful healing energy of the Great Earth Mother to resonate in you as you seek a natural balance in the flow of life. This pendant is delivered on a jewelry card with an abbreviated printout of Her Story, and information about the stone cabochon, if appropriate.

Chakra Pendant
$12.00 ea

 Chakra Jewelry

All Chakra items are delivered on Chakra Cards with information about each stone. Each item is carefully made of polished gemstone chips in either sterling silver or 14K gold-filled wire. 
Stone(Color) Chakra Focus
 Quartz (Clear)
 Amethyst (Purple)
 Lapis (Blue)
 Aventurine (Green)
 Citrine (Gold)
 Carnelian (Orange)
 Garnet (Red)
 Third Eye
 Solar Plexus

 Eternal Oneness
 Inner Seeing
 Receiving Self-Expression
 Love, Emotional Clearing
 Assimilation Intuition
 Creativity Sexuality
 Grounding Survival

Fancy Chakra Earrings
(EX-21A) $25.00/pr

Chakra Ring
$25.00 ea

Plain Chakra Earrings
(EX-21) $15.00/pr

Chakra Earcuff w/Crystal
(ECX-1) $20.00 ea

Plain Chakra Pendant
(PX-7) $ 7.00 ea

Chakra Deluxe Earrings
(EX-22) $35.00/pr


Quartz Tear Drop
 Wire-wrapped crystals starting at $20.00 each*
 Shaped teardrop (assorted) $15.00 each
 Sterling cap on tumbled stone (assorted). $15.00 ea ch
 Sterling cap on fluorite octahedron or quartz crystals $15.00

 Fluorite Octahedron

A tool used for divination, the pendulum can be used to visibly manifest neuromuscular impulses within the body to show you what you already know on some level, but are otherwise unable to access. Instructions for working with the pendulum are included. All styles are suspended on sterling silver chain and bead. Some styles also available in gold-filled. 

*For a complete selection of crystals available as pendulums please see Crystals & Stones
Let us know what crystals you are interested in, and we will let you know prices and availability

Wholesale Inquiries Most Welcome!

Please feel free to contact us at lightstones@att.net, info@lightstonescrystalpharmacy.com,
or call (530) 265-3159 for more information.